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Photos and articles below contributed by Barbara Mueller

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1.Back row, left to right:  Floyd (Flamo) Hart, Dick Skeel, Ira (Shorty) Ordwing, Henry (Bunky) Oswin, Andy Skeel.

Front row, left to right:  Louie Chichetti, Bill Jensen, Walt Morrison, Karl Hoffman, can’t identify, Jim Crouch, Benn Hart  

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2.Hirsch Cycle Co. – Seattle

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3.Left to right:  Dave Eady, Andy Skeel and Dick Skeel.  At the “Old Timer’s Banquet” in Wilsonville, Oregon in October 1994

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4. Seattle AMA 1936

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5.Andy Skeel

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7. Starting at the left side of the table:  Molly Diederiks, Marion Diederiks, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Andy Skeel, Aline Ordwing, Ira Ordwing (little to the right), Mrs. Crouch, Bill Jensen, Gladys Jensen, Karl Hoffman, Gwen Hoffman.  Lady at the right may be Charlene Stering.  

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8. Andy Skeel, Louie Chichetti, and Dick Skeel in the derby hats and knickers and black boots.

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Here is a written explanation of the above photo by Dick Skeel, a member of the Cossacks.

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